Monday, April 30, 2012

Look How Crafty I'm Getting!

So, I found out that there's a Hobby Lobby an hour or so from my Fort Stewart!  I got so excited, I couldn't wait to go.  Once I finally got there I couldn't stop thinking of all sorts of crafty things I wanted to do!  My good friend Lacie Trout was making bows for her sweet baby girl that's due in August.  I was dying to make some for Miss Mora's hair bands.  I finally got to visit my crafting Mecca and about died!  I got some beautiful items and made even more precious hair pieces!  I have more that I've made so I'll post more pictures soon!

This is one that I made and I'm so in love with it :)

Bow #2

Bow #3

Bow #4

Bow #5 

Bow #6

Miss Mora sporting her lovely new bow!  She looks so amazingly beautiful! :D

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