Monday, April 30, 2012

Look How Crafty I'm Getting!

So, I found out that there's a Hobby Lobby an hour or so from my Fort Stewart!  I got so excited, I couldn't wait to go.  Once I finally got there I couldn't stop thinking of all sorts of crafty things I wanted to do!  My good friend Lacie Trout was making bows for her sweet baby girl that's due in August.  I was dying to make some for Miss Mora's hair bands.  I finally got to visit my crafting Mecca and about died!  I got some beautiful items and made even more precious hair pieces!  I have more that I've made so I'll post more pictures soon!

This is one that I made and I'm so in love with it :)

Bow #2

Bow #3

Bow #4

Bow #5 

Bow #6

Miss Mora sporting her lovely new bow!  She looks so amazingly beautiful! :D

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spring is Finally Here!

What beautiful weather we've had in Georgia this last week!  We've had some much needed heat, and then some pretty intense thunder and lightening storms.  Mora and I have been able to take some fun, relaxing walks.  Our dog Wren, loves when the weather is good.  She sunbathes all the time!
Easter was very boring and laid back.  Kasey had to work from 9am to midnight.  We decided to put off celebrating until he was able to be there.  We ended up doing Easter a week late while we were on a retreat in Jacksonville Florida.  

This is on Easter morning.  We went do to see our neighbor who gave us a ride to church.  She's in love with their 2 year old son Anderson :)

She loved the eggs but wasn't too sure about the grass! 


I love the faces she makes!!!  They crack me up all the time! 

The weekend after Easter we went to Florida for a marriage retreat.  We had to take Mora with us which was totally fine!  We had a lot of fun exploring places we've never been before :)  I went Easter shopping the week after Easter and got some awesome stuff on sale.  I had bought some cloth diapers to go in her basket but they had arrived yet :(  

Her amazing Easter basket!  I spent $0.50 on that basket alone!  I think I hit the jackpot :)

Such a happy baby! 

She had a blast going through everything and checking it all out. 

On our way home from Florida we stopped at the beach.  Both Mora and I had never been to the Atlantic ocean before.  We picked up subs at Publix and enjoyed a yummy picnic on the beach.  The beaches out here are so different.  In California the sand is soft and really loose.  But on the east coast it's hard right up by the water and then gets softer as you walk away from the ocean.  There were people riding their bikes right next to the water because the sand was so hard.  It was weird for me!  Anyway, Mora loved sitting on her blanket eating lunch....and then we put her feet in the water.  This is was happened.....

She's eating lunch all happy and fine! 

And then came the water time....She watched it for awhile to see what it would do.  She wasn't too sure about it.  We thought she would love it because she loves water here at home. 

We were so wrong!  She screamed!!!  The water was warm so we figured she was tired and needed a nap. 

I know it's mean but I was laughing! 

Not a happy baby :(

That's a quick recap of what's happened in the past few weeks!  I have some crafting projects coming up real soon!  I'll post lots of pictures of that!  Until then, God Bless! 

Friday, April 6, 2012

Blogging More!!!

It's been A LONG time since I sat down and wrote a blog post.  I was reading a ton of other blogs today and decided it's time I keep up with my own.  There's a lot that has happened over the last 9 months!  I'll touch on a few things to get everyone updated!First, we had our beautiful baby girl on July 9th!  She's been the light of our life ever since!  She's been such an amazing baby and has taught us a great deal of patience and love.  Over the last 3 months she has started to change in so many ways!  She's getting very vocal :)  I love when Kasey comes home from work and she gets a huge smile on her face and starts gabbing to him.  I can see his heart melting every time!  
 This is one of my favorite pictures.  She was only 10 days old :)  Where has the time gone? 

Our little happy baby is always smiling!  Even when she was teething last week she had a smile on her face! 

Another big thing that's happened to us, is we moved to Fort Stewart Georgia!  It's been an emotional roller coaster being here but it gets better every day!  I really missed my family at first but then I started making some good friends.  They've helped me through so much!  I was also called into the Primary Presidency!  That's helped keep me busy.
Kasey is loving the Army, for the most part ;)  He's learning a lot and hoping for a promotion sometime in the near future.  He hit his year mark with the Army in March.  We both couldn't believe it's gone by so fast!
We hope all is well with our family and friends!  We miss everyone a lot and can't wait to visit California hopefully soon! :)  Much love to everyone! <3